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Taking a New Approach in Your Job Search

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling you’ve exhausted all of your options in a job search. You’re sure that you’ve turned over every stone and hunted down every potential lead. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up! Instead, try taking a new, unorthodox approach to your job search.

Target Your Ideal Position

Most people don’t dream of spending Monday through Friday from nine to five behind a desk. Chances are, this wasn’t the type of job you thought you would have when you were a kid. Instead of letting yourself get bogged down by what you “should” be doing, try taking a look at the types of jobs you’d really like to have and the type of company culture that you think would be a good fit for you. You might be surprised by how much easier it is to find your ideal job than it is to find one that’s just “good enough.”

Search for Companies not Jobs

As you think about your ideal job, don’t just consider the exact position that you think would be a great fit for you. Think about the type of company you’d love to work for. Is it a company with a social conscious mission? One with a fantastic company culture? Choose the type of company where you can see yourself staying long-term. Working your way up from within is often easier than starting out in that top position you have your eye on, and when you love your company, you’re more likely to enjoy going to work every day.

Apply for the Job You Want, Not the One That’s Open

A large percentage of the best available jobs are never posted. Instead, they’re filled through word of mouth, through recruitment agencies, or by quietly reaching out to people who are considered ideal for the position. If you’re looking at a company, imagining yourself there, and thinking that it would be the perfect fit for you, don’t let the lack of an open job posting stand in your way! Go ahead and send in your resume and a cover letter. Even if it doesn’t yield a job now, it might mean an open door down the road.

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