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Selling Yourself in an Interview

Finding a job that you do well and enjoy can be a tall task. It may seem like your search will continue indefinitely or you will have to settle for a job that you won’t enjoy that much. The key to success is selling yourself. Start thinking about your own wants and needs from a job and the things you excel at. Here are some ways you can sell yourself during your next interview to get the job you really want.

Ask the Questions

Interviews can quickly feel like intense interrogation sessions when you forget that it’s supposed to be a back and forth dialogue. Take a more active role in your interview and ask relevant questions for a more productive and insightful exchange. Ask pertinent questions about the specifics of the job and the workplace culture so that you can get a complete idea of what the job entails.


Thoroughly research the company before you go into an interview. This will make your questions regarding the job and workplace that much stronger, and it will show them that you have an understanding of what the company does and how you would potentially function in your role.


Preparation is more than just making sure your suit is dry-cleaned and that you arrive on time. It is important that you are professional and on-time for your interview, but you should also be prepared to discuss why you want the job you are applying for. If you know the answer to this question it will help you give stronger answers to your interview questions and help you give a stronger interview all-around.

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