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Job Search Tips To Help You Achieve Your 2018 Career Goals

With the end of each year comes a list of goals and resolutions for the coming year. Everywhere you go, there is someone talking about what they are going to do differently this year and how they are going to fulfill new goals. In the spirit of the new year, we have compiled a list of advice and tips on job searching from some of our top Swoon recruiters. So, for all of you who have “get hired” on the top of your resolutions list, read on:

  1. “When looking for a job, I believe the culture, opportunity for personal and career growth, vacation time, and volunteer initiatives the company pursues should outweigh your salary. Yes, you should make enough to cover your monthly expenses and enjoy life, but when a company takes care of you, your performance and overall health, that’s priceless.”
    Kelly, Professional Recruiter
  2. “Do your research. Check out the company website and research the people you will be speaking to. Take notes and come prepared with at least 3-5 questions to ask.”
    Sara, Director of Recruiting
  3. “The biggest piece of advice I can give to job seekers is to be communicative. Open and honest communication about what you are really looking for in your next position, what is going to make you happy, where you are in your job search, etc., will be the most helpful to your recruiter and those helping you land your next gig. We promise to always do the same!”
    Lisa, Recruiting Lead, Major Accounts
  4. “When looking to make an employment change, I always tell the candidate it’s important to research a company but even more important to research what your role will be in that company. If you do not know how this opportunity will play out over your career, you may limit future advancement. More importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions about job duties in interviews. You want to come out of the process feeling that this opportunity is the one!”
    Jim, Lead Technical Recruiter
  5. “Referrals increase your chances of landing a job, so don’t forget about the network you’ve spent years creating. You never know who could help you along the way, so put in the effort to spread the word that you are job searching and be sure to let your recruiter know you’re actively looking for a job.”
    Ryan, Major Accounts Support Specialist
  6. “Focus more on hard technical skills than soft skills and be able to speak about your specific job duties for each of the roles on your resume. Also, don’t be afraid to call the recruiter or HR department to follow up on your status.”
    Anna, Recruiter

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