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How to Prevent Burnout Employees

Burnout employees are spread thin, overworked, and typically fly under the radar which results in a lack of feedback and appreciation. Some simply can’t say no to a favor or task even when their to-do list is already monstrous. Others feel the pressure from leadership to be glued to their e-mail even as they sit down for dinner with their family. It should come as no surprise that burnout employees are affecting your company’s retention, as they are the ones quickest to jump ship. Not only are they quitting without a two weeks notice, they’re leaving a nasty Glassdoor review to boot.

So, what causes burnout? Being underpaid and overworked. But, it’s not always so cut and dry. HR leaders have reported that lackluster management, poor culture, and a lack of overall purpose are also important contributing factors. We’ve compiled a list of areas to focus on to be proactive in keeping burnout employees at bay.

Proper Training and Onboarding

When you give your employees the proper tools and training from day one, you’re communicating to them the value of their role at the company. Give them the information, resources and confidence they need to start out on the right foot. First impressions are important and it’s imperative to make sure they feel welcomed and supported in their new position.

Overall Flexibility

Can your employees work from home? Can they leave early one day a week to make an appointment or event? Offering a little freedom and flexibility can do wonders for your employees well being and productivity. Demonstrating trust and recognizing their outside commitments goes a long way.

Continued Feedback and Communication

While you’ve probably heard this time and time again, it’s still a crucial part of an employee’s success and happiness. Communicative managers and coworkers produce collaborative environments where people feel free to share their ideas, voice their hesitations and work together effectively. If an employee is starting to feel overwhelmed, they’ll be more likely to voice that concern rather than brush it under the rug until it’s too late.

Fun Culture

Work hard and then play hard. Promoting a fun culture makes coming into work a breeze. Think beyond free coffee. Host events, give incentives, encourage team building experiences and offer amenities that employees sincerely appreciate. Reward hard work and your employees will recognize your efforts.

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