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Swooner of the Quarter – Q2

Introducing our Swooner of the Quarter for Q2 – Ryan Grozinski!

Swooner of the Quarter recognizes one of our team members for going above and beyond for the quarter. Swooners submit nominations describing how that individual made the most impact and why they deserve this award.

This quarter’s winner was Ryan Grozinski, who has been with Swoon for about a year!

As a Senior Manager for Major Account Development, Ryan was brought in to make an immediate impact, and he has done that. He works hard, and he elevates the performance of those around him. He brings energy and excitement to the table every single day. Beyond just closing more than a handful of high margin deals in his short time here (with plenty more to come), he’s done a great job leading by example when it comes to the partnership between sales & recruiting.

Ryan Grozinski

Title: Senior Manager, Major Account Development

Ryan is dedicated, hardworking, and focused on continuously learning and developing best practices. Ryan always brings a positive energy with a personal touch!

Peer Quote

“He’s a ton of fun to work with – so glad he’s joined our Major Accounts team at Swoon!”