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Retaining Top Talent

One of the largest U.S. public universities was facing high turnover due to lackluster employee performances. The talent struggles spanned multiple departments in roles that were critical for organizational success, allocating research budgets and handling proprietary information. The university was seeing a consistent problem where developers and business analysts would be hired only to fail on key project deliverables—revealing that they did not have the proper skill sets. This pain point was causing massive delays on key projects and depleting valuable resources onboarding short-tenured talent. Along came Swoon.

Key Challenges

  • Restructure an existing hiring process that was consistently returning under-qualified applicants within the university
  • Attract top talent with a budget 20% under market salaries
  • Stem the tide of high employee turnover

Our Solutions

  • Vetted candidates thoroughly with two interviews and a skill test prior to client review. Our client only saw the candidates that were highly qualified
  • Matched candidate fit across multiple criteria including skill set, drive and culture
  • Employed a 6-month contract-to-hire strategy to vet candidate performance prior to full-time status

The Outcome

  • On average, a one-week turnaround for new roles
  • 100% fill rate within departments
  • 100% conversion rate for candidates
  • Client departments exclusively partner with Swoon for staffing needs

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