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Three Essential Resume Types That Get Results in a Job Search

Okay, you’ve made great contacts at industry meet-ups, overhauled your Twitter and Facebook accounts to present a more professional image and given your LinkedIn profile a long overdue update to offer an excellent introduction to prospective employers. So, what is the next step?

Choosing the correct type of resume and tailoring it to each job you apply for is vital. Your resume plays an essential role in securing interviews during your job search. Here are three types of resumes that will increase interview opportunities.

Chronological Resume

Listing job history in chronological order starting with your most recent job and working backward is the most standard resume format. This format is useful for people employed in the same field for a long time who want to apply for jobs in the same or similar field. Also, they have few gaps in their employment history.

Functional Resume

A functional resume brings your skills and abilities to the forefront while minimizing your work history. People who choose this format usually have significant gaps in their employment history, have been out of the workforce for an extended period or have little to no work history.

Combination Resume

The combination layout captures attention by first highlighting relevant skills and capabilities like a functional resume and then supporting them with your chronological work history. People with limited work history support their skills with volunteer positions or education. If you are a new graduate, entry-level job seeker, older worker or ready to make a career change this format is an excellent choice.

When you have determined which resume type applies to your situation, enhance your chances of being selected for an interview by tailoring your resume to each job inquiry. Accomplish this by incorporating keywords from job descriptions directly into your resume. Also, add the URL for your Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile to your contact information on your resume to show prospective employers that you are proficient with social media platforms.

Use these guidelines to help you prepare a great resume and then contact a leading recruiting agency to help you land the perfect job.

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