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Swooner of the Quarter – Q3

Introducing our Q3 – Swooner of the Quarter, Danielle Schmidt!

Swooner of the Quarter recognizes one of our team members that went above and beyond for that quarter. Swooners submit nominations describing how that individual made the most impact.

Danielle Schmidt

Title: Major Account Manager

Location: Based out of Chicago

Why she was nominated: Danielle is the definition of a Swooner! She consistently demonstrates self-discipline, is very goal oriented and she has become well-versed in the staffing industry as a whole. She is always learning and cheering on her fellow Swooners and is constantly pushing herself to do more and it shows. She has put up the highest margin in the entire Sales organization for Swoon over the last quarter, grew to hit a new personal milestone during a pandemic and is constantly being recognized as a Top Duck at our monthly company meetings!

Quote from nomination: “Danielle continues to impress me more and more each day. This year, in the midst of a pandemic lead recession, she has grown her book of business to hit HUGE milestones and she does it all with grace. Danielle is incredibly thorough, she is truly a consultant for every manager she speaks to and delivers precisely on what they are looking for. She consistently has high quality performance for meetings, new reqs, interviews and placements. To top it all off, she does this while being a true team player. She wants to see everyone around her be successful – from the recruiters she is partnering with on each of her reqs, to her fellow Major Account Managers and beyond, she’s everyone’s biggest advocate and cheerleader. She embodies exactly what I want to see in a fellow Swooner.”