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Swooner of the Quarter – Kaylie Mora

We are so excited to introduce our most recent Swooner of the Quarter, Kaylie Mora!

Swooner of the Quarter recognizes one of our team members for going above and beyond. Everyone in the company submits a nomination describing how they made the most impact. This past quarter, Kaylie won with a total of 10 wonderful nominations!

Kaylie Mora

Title: Senior Professional Recruiter

Location: San Diego

Why She Was Nominated: Kaylie was nominated by a vast amount of people for her recruiting skills and her willingness to help others with whatever they need. She is a huge asset to our team and is someone that our newer hires always look up to!

Quote from nomination: “If I were to describe Kaylie in one word, it is: consistent. She consistently works hard every day to find great, quality candidates, shows up to work ready to tackle the day and doesn’t make excuses; she has a fun, vibrant energy that she brings to the team as well. Her work ethic is a perfect example of a Swooner and never cuts corners!”

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