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Wellness Wednesdays- Chapter 2: Healthcare and Benefits

There is a common saying that goes, “to best know how to use something that belongs to you, you must know everything about it.” This idea applies so well to Swoon’s Wellness Wednesdays chapter two topic: healthcare and the benefits offered by one’s company.

Most companies, if not all, currently have specific benefits allotted to their employees. These benefits are based on the intention to preserve the health and stability of a company’s employees as, truly, if you think about it, what is a company without the employees within it?

The one fault of the employee, when offered these benefits, is that they may not have the information to best utilize them. Therefore, here at Swoon, we have created a guide on how best utilize the advantages you work so hard for!

The Guide

  1. Make a customized plan that fits one’s individual and family needs: According to Entrepreneur.com, forty percent of employees say having a large selection of benefits strengthens the loyalty between them and their employers. Therefore, it is best to use this advantage to account for the typical needs/patterns of yourself and family.
    couples therapy
  2. Ask the right questions: On Trinet.com, we found a lot of questions that could very be useful during open enrollment and throughout the year. Check’ em out!
  • Has the prescription drug coverage changed?
  • Will I be able to get coverage for my family in the coming year?
  • Are the doctors and facilities I want to use in-network?
  • Have we changed benefit plan administrators or insurance carriers?
  • What’s new in the benefit options that might be beneficial to me and my family?
  • Are there any new voluntary benefits?
  • How often can I visit my doctor on this plan?
  • Do we have a wellness program that could potentially save me money?
  1. Know how to get specialized care if need be: There are so many types of doctors, and when enrolling for benefits, it is important to check your plans coverage options. Fun fact, according to Aetna, there are over 60 types of medical specialists! Most insurance companies have benefits one can use for these specialists visits such as Dermatologists, Chiropractors, and Psychiatrists.
  2. Don’t be afraid to utilize your healthcare benefits! Some people don’t want to miss work to go to the doctor or simply think they will get better from a sickness on their own. However, there are times when going to the doctor is necessary. The more physically and mentally well employees are, the less likely they are to have to miss multiple days of work. According to an article by U.S. News, “Health benefits keep you out of the hospital, and make you a better employee all around… the business wants happy, healthy employees and the employees want to be happy and healthy as well.”


Overall, we hope that you will utilize the benefits that are available to you at your employer. It is important when enrolling to make sure you are getting the best plan not just for you, but also for your family. Here at Swoon, we take employee health very seriously and pay for all internal employees medical, dental and vision insurance, as we want everyone to come into work feeling their best each day!




Written By: Osoranna Mojekwu