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Announcing Our New Vice President of Finance, Traci Weiss

We are excited to announce that Traci Weiss has been promoted from Senior Director of Finance to Vice President of Finance supporting our Marketing, IT, Sales Operations, and Finance teams.

See what Traci had to say about the future of Swoon?

What excites you about the future of Swoon?

“Although I have only been with Swoon for about two years, I have been cheering Swoon on from the sidelines since its early days. I have seen what these amazing individuals can do, which excites me.”

What do you think makes Swoon so special?

“The drive to want everyone to be successful. Whether providing training, continued education, or even switching up job responsibilities, Swoon truly invests in its employees and wants to see everyone succeed.”

What are you most excited about with taking on this new role?

“Taking on this new role has brought so much excitement. I am most excited to be more of a strategic resource to the rest of the executive team. I am equally excited to dive more into our IT, Marketing, and Sales Operations departments to help support them where needed while continuing to work with our finance team!”

What goals do you have for the future of Swoon/your team?

“A significant goal I have for my teams at Swoon is to collaborate to create more efficiencies. As we grow, we need to invest our time into implementing processes that will help us scale and dissolve the manual processes that hold us back. We are already making great progress, and I look forward to seeing what we accomplish this year!”

Traci has made quite an impact in her short time with Swoon, and we are excited to see where her teams go under her leadership.

“Traci is super sharp, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. She can combine her creativity with sound financial practices that help navigate challenges and create new, different, and innovative ideas. She is a great asset to Swoon, and there is no doubt that her team will continue to flourish under her leadership,” Sara Riggs, Senior Vice President and Head of Swoon Staffing.